Breyer horses 1975

Breyer Horse. Dark brown-bay; No markings; Black points. All models have been loved and played with over the years. They have been cleaned to the best of our ability in order to not ruin the hand-painted craft.

Used, Genuine. Horses have been played with and may have a small amount of dust. Horses may have very slight scratches and scuffs, but are very minor. Any Questions, please e-mail us. Breyer Molding Co. Horse Vintage. Our Guarantee:. Additional shipping charges apply for shipment locations outside the continental United States. For international customers, PayPal is the only method of payment accepted.

Additional local duties, taxes and import expenses may apply once item enters country. Payments: We accept PayPal only. Pay us securely with any major credit card through PayPal! Our Guarantee: Our 30 day Guarantee assures that you will not receive an item that doesn't function as intended unless otherwise stated. But if for some reason you do receive an item that doesn't function as intended, we will refund your money excluding shipping charges.

This guarantee does not include any cosmetic wear or torn labels of housings outer shells meaning scratches, scuffs or writing. Please see actual pictures and read condition of item to determine appearance. Any major scuffs, cracks etc.

Please remember that appearance does not determine wear of the mechanics and electronics of items. Please contact us as we pledge to satisfactorily resolve any issue.

We will do our best to work out a solution that is fair for both parties. Please check out our feedback from our great customers to verify our excellence.Come explore the world's finest collection of realistic equestrian models, toys and accessories for horse lovers of all ages!

Even today, no two Breyer models are ever exactly alike! Every Breyer model is an authentic horse breed, from its bone and muscle structure to its personality, color and marking.

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Breyer Horse #605 Terrang Bay Black Points Vintage 1975-1990 Classic Scale

Breyer Jr. Downloadables Desktop Wallpapers Mobile Wallpapers. BreyerFest Guide. Add Your Event to Our Calendar. Apparition Halloween Horse Out of Stock. Crystalline Crystalline Out of Stock. Crystalline Out of Stock. Lilac Lilac Out of Stock. Lilac Out of Stock. Ambrose Ambrose Out of Stock. Ambrose Out of Stock. Zenith Zenith Out of Stock. Zenith Out of Stock.

Majesty Unicorn Ornament Out of Stock. Minstrel Stirrup Ornament Out of Stock. Boo Boo Out of Stock. Boo Out of Stock. Salem Salem Out of Stock.

Salem Out of Stock.The Traditional series was Breyer's first and largest scale of model horses atmore or less until the introduction of the Springtime Foals series in Interestingly, it was not actually dubbed "Traditional" untilwhen the Stablemates line was first introduced. The Bucking BroncoPolo PonyHoboand Rearing Stallion have all been included in this line by Breyer, but are placed in the Classic section on this site due to their smaller size.

breyer horses 1975

A brief note as to mold names: Breyer isn't always forthcoming with the name of each new mold and sometimes changes mold names over time, which can lead to confusion among collectors. The mold names shown here reflect Breyer's most common usage and may change if I get better information from the company. The photos below are only thumbnails - click on an image to see a larger version of it. Fraley Introduced: Mold?

Contact me! Mold Photo. Mold Name - Click on name for details. Herden Introduced: Mold Cleveland Bay Sculpted by: Karen Y. Gerhardt Introduced: Mold Stablemates, at scale, represent what was for a long time the smallest scale of Breyer horses--now Breyer's " Mini Whinnies " have that honor. Introduced in and sculpted by Hagen-Renaker artist Maureen Love, the same sixteen molds referred to as G1 by most collectors were used consistently until and have been in only in limited runs since then.

In sixteen new molds G2sculpted by Kathleen Moody, were added. In additional molds G3sculpted by Jane Lunger, were introduced. Breyer also introduced new molds for BreyerFestwhich here are marked as G4 as well. Since that time new molds have been introduced piecemeal and I've labeled these released during as "G5," and the new miniature versions of Traditional scale molds designated "M1. Because of this please take all color, facial markings and leg coloring with a grain of salt.

This is the date the mold was created, not the year the model was released. The photos below are only thumbnails - click on an image to see a larger version of it! Contact me! Mold Photo. Mold Name. Introduced: Mold. Introduced: Mold Reining G4 Sculpted by: Kathleen Moody?Each can be very effective. Instead, data are gathered and correlations between predictors and response are investigated.

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breyer horses 1975

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breyer horses 1975

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breyer horses 1975

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