College radio hip hop music submissions

How do I find out about concerts? How do I get more details about something I heard over the air? Who do I contact with changes or cancellations? You can also submit events, changes and cancellations to calendar wortfm. What was that song I heard? Who was the artist, what is the album title, where can I get it? Where can I find the entire playlist for a show?

Click on the Playlists button to bring up a calendar where you can choose any date to find the playlists for that day.

Music Director: Sybil Augustine — musicdirector wortfm. Music Assistant: Aaron Scholz — musicass wortfm. Music Calendars: Submit your events online here or send by email to calendar wortfm. We accept submissions in most genres and styles of music, focusing on noncommercial, out-of-the-mainstream, independent releases check out our playlists and music charts for more information.

It may take up to a few weeks for us to review and process your submission so we appreciate your patience, and feel free to contact us to follow up. Please send your music, indicating any tracks with language that bryco 38 380 auto to be aired after 10 pm and including a one-sheet description and any biographical and tour information, to WORT Music Director, S.

We do accept digital files on. Digital submissions should be. Thanks and we look forward to hearing your music! Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash. Wisconsin made national headlines this week for its disorganized election process. The U. Today, we first take a look at how … [Read More After Tuesday's controversial election, all eyes are on Wisconsin. Holding the election in the midst of a global … [Read More WORT All musicians are encouraged to submit their music to KCR.

Accepted submissions will be added to our automated playlist that plays in between live shows. This playlist is curated so our listeners are exposed to only the best tunes. Getting playtime on KCR offers a great chance for up and coming artists to reach a new audience. We are especially interested in submissions from local San Diego bands! Please do not call to inquire on the status of your music submission. We receive such a high volume of music that it is difficult to keep a record.

Our team decides what submissions are the best fit for the library. We are currently working on a implementing a way to allow artists to see if their songs have been played. Thank you. If your music is selected to be played on the station it will be uploaded to our automated playlist and be randomly played when there is no live DJ. Your music will also be available to the music department for DJ use.

college radio hip hop music submissions

If played on automation, listeners using the Tunein app will be able to view the song data and purchase the song if it is registered with iTunes. Contact - to call in to Studio - to call in to Office Management Submissions Volunteer Team.We do also receive a handful of CDs each day from independent artists — here are a few tips we've accumulated after handling and hearing tons of them.

Check our playlist and charts to see if you really think your music would fit on a station like ours. We do play a lot of genres, but there are certain genres we don't play for various reasons.

We can't stress enough how important this is because in the long run it will save you time and, most of all, money! S Minneapolis, MN If you would like to send us a digital copy of your release, please email it to our music department. In your email, please link to a. Please send us the highest quality digital files that you have. We prefer lossless.

If your music is on Bandcamp, you can send us a download code or a link to the release if it's free. We play an eclectic mix of independent music, however we do not generally play classical or top Does your band do something unique?

Check out our specalty shows page and see if there's a show that fits your style. Do not clutter your package with tons of paper press releases, posters, stickers, etc. If you send us more than one, we can assure you we'll be recycling the cases. We listen to as much of the music we get in as possible. However, since Radio K is considered a top tier station at NACC, the influx of music we get each week is extremely large and there is no way for us to get to everything. We spend as much time as we can listening to music which has been backlogged, and therefore can no longer accept emails requesting tracking information from bands.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but we'd rather be listening to the music than devoting hours to replying back to emails. Please do not take this personally as your music may just not be a fit for our station going back to the point we made earlier.

Submit Music

This allows you to focus on other aspects of being an independent artist while others do the dirty work. Radio K - KUOM is the award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota, playing an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new.

All rights reserved.

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The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. K Local April Tweets by radiok.From major-label bigwigs to independent, unsigned DIY acts, we receive and listen to all sorts of music from all sorts of people, with very few restrictions. That said, there are guidelines for submitting music for potential airplay on V We accept CD, vinyl, and digital submissions.

CD or vinyl is preferred, as our music catalog is entirely physical. To submit CDs or records for potential airplay, please mail them to the following address:. If you are waiting to find out whether your submission has arrived, we ask that you be patient, as campus mail can sometimes be slow, especially during school breaks.

To submit music digitally, we ask that you email all submissions to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu. Please send your music in the form of both streaming and download links no attachments, please—these take up too much mailbox space, and will be deletedfor maximal ease of access on our end.

We play a variety of genres.

college radio hip hop music submissions

Everything from indie rock to punk, hip hop, electronic music, metal, jazz, experimental music, blues, reggae, and much more has a place here at V That said, one thing we generally do not play is Top 40 or Top style music. All digital submissions for music for our general rotation go to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu. For submissions geared specifically toward our Undaground Railroad hip hop program, please send them to talktometallahassee [at] gmail [dot] com.

We are an album-oriented station. This means that our rotation and catalog consists almost entirely of albums and EPs. A: You are welcome to call us or check out our charts! Questions about whether music is being played or not as well as why can be directed over the phone to this is preferable for physical submissionsor by email to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu this is preferable for digital submissions, although we should reiterate that physical submissions receive priority over digital, so we ask for extra patience when requesting feedback on digital submissions.

A: Yes, we do. We have also submitted other charts such as Loud Rock for periods of time, but these are less regular for us. A: Tapes are not a preferred format for us, but we do accept them. We do not catalog tapes, but we do have the capability of digitizing such submissions. Again, though, we highly encourage sending submissions that are in a format we can catalog CD or vinyl.

Have more questions? Email music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu. We thank you for your interest!If you would like to submit your music for consideration for airplay, do the following things:. Email your submission to music kxsc. Programming Schedule. About About Us. Contact Us. Blog Everything. New Adds. Show Reviews. Artist Interviews. Album Reviews. MoM Newsletter Archive. Featured Playlists. Special Events Stream. Get Involved Music Newsletter. Intern Process.

Music Submission. Of course it is, you silly. We listen to everything that comes across the desk. Sometimes this takes awhile, so please allow two or three weeks before calling to ask if your CD has been received and reviewed. There is no particular genre we favor over others. Do not send MP3s through Facebook. They will be deleted.

For follow-ups, email is best. You can email the appropriate person using the addresses on the right. If you would like to call for tracking, please refer to the office hours of the music and genre directors. First and foremost, everyone that works here is a full-time student. So sometimes it may take a while for us to even get around to listening to your CD.

The most beneficial thing you could do is listen to KXSC for a bit and make an honest decision about whether your music fits in with what we do. At least look at our charts. This small step alone could save yourself the cost of a CD and postage. We rarely accept demos for airplay, unless they are brain-meltingly good. We never add single-song CDs and rarely add 3-song singles.

college radio hip hop music submissions

This is unfortunately due to space constraints more than quality of music. If you care enough about your music that you want other people to pay attention to it, you need to make it stand out somehow.

The biggest mistake unsigned bands make is to send out a boring package. Think of what a bit of creativity could do for your brain-melting demo. After a week or two, give the music director or genre director who you think would most enjoy your music a phone call.When you are just starting out as a Christian musician, you may struggle trying to figure out how to submit music to Christian radio stations.

When you submit worship songs, you need to know which radio stations are the best option for your style. It can be daunting to submit music to Gospel music stations, but you never know when your Gospel music song submission is the one that jumpstarts your career. Here you will find some of the best radio stations and playlists to which to submit your music. Add This Music is a fantastic music blog that specializing in clean music.

They have countless playlists that feature independent artists. Among their most active playlists are those for Christian and Gospel music. Be sure to submit your music here for some quality engagement with a loyal fanbase. This radio station will play a wide range of musicas long as there are no explicit lyrics. You could pay to get more airtime, which they show you the proof of placement so that you know that you got what you paid for.

Here is another radio station that takes submissions from independent artists across many genres. Each genre has a scheduled time during day. You will also get organic feedback that you can use to grow as an artist. Look Up radio is a channel that specializes in Christian and Gospel music of all types. Their goal is to share this music with the world to spread the Word of God.

You can easily submit your music by just visiting the website and submitting your music for consideration. At this radio station, they want only high-quality and professional sounding music.

There is no cost associated with getting playtime on this radio station. They will listen to all of the submissions and choose the ones that they feel will best fit in with their fan base. You will only be contacted by this radio station if they choose to add your song into their rotation. Songs need to be high-quality and professional to be considered for airtime at this radio station. They will also need quality lyrics and be readily available for the fans to purchase if they so choose to.

Music must be mailed to the address listed on this website in order to be considered for airtime. All of these channels want quality music.We are always looking for new music to add to our playlists and to give our listeners the "" on up and coming or breaking bands. Have a new CD coming out, we can help you break it. College Underground Radio has had over 2.

Submit Music

This provides a vehicle for unsigned or undiscovered bands and artists to get your music heard and build new and more fans. Bands or musicians who want to submit their music to College Underground Radio for consideration to be added to our playlists should submit 1 mp3 recording so pick your best and sign a release for us to play your music.

What Is Included:. Directions: When you click "Submit Your Music" you will be directed to Paypal to handle the upload and editing fee. You can use a credit card or paypal.

After payment, you will be redirected to a submission form which gives us permission to play your music and then to an upload page to send us your music MP3 File Only. Additional Instructions :. Copyright College Underground Radio Inc. All rights reserved. Submit Your Music 4 Airplay. Up to Two voice drops Block Party's are played 1 day of the week for 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the package you select.

Songs need to be edited for radio. We do not play music with explicit lyrics. MP3 music files only. ANy other file formats might not be accepted. We are currently sold out of spots for songs that are "Instrumentals" or "EDM" music.

college radio hip hop music submissions

No song tracks over 5 minutes in length without pre-approval from the Music Director No Cover Music is allowed even if you have rights to use it, only original music can be submitted. The submission of Cover Music as your own music will cause the rejection of all of your music from broadcast.

Cover music is considered any music not originally produced by the submitting artist, traditional music may be exempt if over years old and proven to be in the public domain. Get On The Playlist. Choose Your Exposure Package. Block Party Package.

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