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The simple and ethnic wedding attire, Taking wedding vows around the fire, The age-old customs and traditions, are the witness of this coalition Welcome to Marathi Matrimony by iMarriages, a free matrimony portal for Marathi speakers with profiles in Maharashtra and elsewhere.

Yes, our service is free. Our award winning platform allows you to send personalised messages and communicate with your matches via a safe valentino a parigi dice addio alla moda con una grande sfilata secure messaging system completely free.

By using our messaging system, you can talk to your match and only share your phone number when you feel comfortable and ready to take the next step forward. Our service is free and simple to apply for. Simply click the register link at the top of the page and answer the fun and easy questionaire.

The questionaire will automatically create your personalised matrimony profile. You can then chat and get to know your matches, complete for free. Of course we are biased, but we believe iMarriages is the best value for money matrimony site in Maharashtra. The difference between iMarriages and all other sites is that we allow you to send personalised messages and communicate with your matches for free. We are the only safe and legitimate site that offers this. All profiles on our portal have been manually screened by a human and every member is required to provide a contact phone number which is then verified.

Additionally, we have developed our own sophisticated AI system that constantly monitors our portal, automatically responding to any suspicious behaviour. Marathi matrimony takes place between a bride and groom who both speak Marathi as their first language. Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra and is one of the 23 official languages of India. With approximately 73 million speakers, Marathi is the fourth most spoken native language in India.


The earlier writings in Marathi appeared around the 11th century in the way of inscriptions on copper plates and stones. The Marathi matrimonial ceremony is simple and filled with lots of age-old customs. The basic structure of wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding functions are same in almost all the communities of Maharashtra with slight variations. Most marriage rituals take place during the day. Sakhar Puda: It is a formal engagement ceremony which takes place at bride's house.

The ritual's name was derived from the exchange of sugar packets, also known as sakhar, between both the families. During this ritual, the groom's mother applies tilak to bride and gifts her a saree along with a packet of sugar as a symbol of fixing alliance between both families.

After this bride and groom exchange rings. The groom's family is gifted with a set of clothing and sugar packets by bride's mother and the ritual is completed after a traditional feast. Muhurt Karane: During this ritual, the kingofsat nilesat date is formally announced and wedding preparations begin with five married women referred to as Suhasini in Marathi, crushing turmeric in an Iron pestle tied with mango leaves.

This turmeric will be used in rituals that follow. Only after completion of this ceremony will shopping for the marriage begin. The bride's side often holds a Rukhvat ceremony, in which an exhibition of decorative and food items made by the bride is held.

Kelvan Puja: A couple of days prior to marriage, a puja for Kuldevta local family deity is held at both houses to seek the blessings of the happy married life of the couple. All the relatives and friends are requested to be present in this puja. A grand traditional meal marks the end of the Kelvan ceremony. Hald Chadavane: Haldi turmeric paste is an integral part of marriage in almost all parts of the country.

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marathi matrimony whatsapp group link

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marathi matrimony whatsapp group link

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सुंदर वधू । मराठा वधू । Maratha Bride - Maratha Samaj - Maratha Matrimony

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marathi matrimony whatsapp group link

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