Momo yaoyorozu x male reader lemon

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The doctor sighed, sitting down in front of both of you. After a drawn out pause, he spoke those damned words. The words that changed your life. You wallowed in this for quite some time.

Went through all the stages of grief. The works. But, self-pity can only anyone so far. Now eighteen, your family moves to Japan and you find yourself at the prestigious UA high school, surrounded by a brand new and completely unfamiliar territory.

And unnaturally hot guys. This is basically a big dump of fluff, angst, headcanons, and all around cute and adorable things with all our wonderful boys and girls in My Hero Academia. Happy reading! Ever wanted to hang out with Bakugo?

Momo Yaoyorozu x Reader

Or work out with Kirishima? Study with Deku? Throw a party with 1-A? Or hell, even kiss Todoroki? Stop lying, of course you have. You can do all that and more here, and I'll do most requests, no smut, sorry! Requests are currently open I won't do any requests I don't want to do, sorry. Latest Chapter: Denki x Reader. And it's even more shitty considering he can't feel pain so he has no idea if he's pushing himself too far.

He absolutely refuses to keep a diaryMomotarou momentarily froze before shooting up and exclaiming, "You didn't tell me that Gou was joining us! He bumped into the fence and spluttered, glaring at the fence with yellow-orange eyes and pouting as he helped you scale the fence, making you giggle and him blush.

You lost your smirk, sighing and setting your things down as he looked for the younger Matsuoka child. But, you suppressed your irritation and tried to think on the bright side, for your guy bestie and your girl bestie. You blushed and huffed, setting your things next to his and going into the pool with a small splash, in which you saw Momo grin and follow you into the pool.

You sighed and swam around a bit more, slowing down and relaxing as you looked around with a smile, not even noticing that your friend was sneaking up from below the surface. You did notice, however, when he surfaced and wrapped you up in his arms, embracing you. You're my friend! Momotarou noted how saddened you quickly became, rubbing your back as he asked you, "H-Hey, what's wrong?!

A cute girl like you shouldn't be sad! The redhead frowned a bit and said, "Then he doesn't realize how lucky he is to have you liking him like that!

momo yaoyorozu x male reader lemon

You could just envision the red tinging his cheeks as he tousled your hair and smiled a bit. You looked up at him, and - sure enough - his cheeks were red, making you giggle as you tapped his nose and said, "What's up the blush? Gou that! Don't you see that she doesn't like you and I do?! When you finished, your eyes widened slightly and you covered your mouth with a hand, fearing that he would end your friendship with you as you quickly turned and got your towel and dried off quickly.

When he heard the fence rattling, he looked over and saw you leaving as he called out, "[Name], wait! Momo heard the cry and panicked again as he hurried towards you, sighing with relief and huffing out, "[Name]!

When he saw the scrapes, he couldn't help but wince as he carefully helped you up and led you back to the pool, to gather your things and patch up your injuries. He felt awful for making you endure all of his talk about the younger Matsuoka, and decided to make you your favourite food and take you out to your favourite place to make it up to you.

He grimaced slightly as the two of you reached the pool, quickly going in and taking your things out before getting a first aid kit from your bag and fixing your injuries as he heard a small mumble of thanks from you, making him crack a small smile.You woke up to a strangely familiar sensation, specifically from your crotch. Turns out it was Momo, in between your thighs as she bobbed her head on your cock.

She let it go with a soft pop. Momo listened, pulling down her shorts and underwear before getting up to bend over the bed. You stood behind her, caressing her bare asscheeks, slightly bruised from a few nights ago. You spread her lower lips, groaning as Momo was practically dripping. The slow pace was nice for awhile, you being able to feel every thrust you made into Momo, that was until said girl started to become antsy.

You feigned sadness, sighing. You wasted no time pounding into Momo, soon you became lost in the smack of your hips against hers as she whined and pleaded for more. Momo grinded against you lazily, riding out her orgasm. Momo sensed this, turning round as she kneeled in front of you, sticking out her tongue. She reached out, wrapping her slim fingers around your cock as she jerked you off.

momo yaoyorozu x male reader lemon

She looked at you with her big, innocent doe eyes, tilting her head slightly. Momo slapped your cock on her tongue a few times, knowing how much you liked it. She showed you her empty mouth. Originally posted by catdiary. Summary: After a confession Name makes while gravely injured, they seem to lose contact with Momo, much to her dismay. Please leave a message after the beep! And…and, I really want to see you. Perhaps it was their dorky charisma?

momo yaoyorozu x male reader lemon

Or how they could always joke around? Even when they faced a difficult situation. What are you doing here? She was about to leave her agency to check out a sudden villain appearance. We could spend some time tonight afterwards. Not that I doubt your abilities in any way!

You have been avoiding everyone, and you never come out of your apartment. Your bills are piling up, as well. But, rest assured, I covered them. I know you would do the same for me… Nameafter we faced that villain, something happened. And…I really care for you. The villain was more difficult than the two had expected.

He was a speedster, who could best even Iida. Name glances back at her, their face wearing a dopey grin that the female was so used to seeing.

I just gotta amp my teleportation power! Momo began noticing things about the hero she never saw before. No, not just me.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. He finally reached his goals: he is now a chef and a restaurant owner. He's making money with something people say anyone can do- he's living his dream job. Todoroki Shouto came back with questions, with uncertainty and with feelings- and Midoriya Izuku have lived for seven years without feeling.

He came back with a shovel ready to dig the grave Izuku did for himself. This is a story of firsts, and of second chances. A story of once upon a times and happily ever afters. Includes multipart stories and themed weeks.

Great Expectations: Unresolved - Hitoshi Shinso Ready or not, let the challenge begin. What if My Hero Academia was just a show?

Follow the actors of MHA as they go through life-changing events and general on set shenanigans. Katsuki, a 12 year old middle schooler often babysits for his mom's best friend's son, Midoriya Izuku who is nothing short of a baby brother to him. But everything goes to ruin when Inko turns up dead and Izuku missing. Can Katsuki be the hero Izuku needs? They live in one building in front of the other, one day Bakugou goes to the roof to collect clothes from the clothesline for his mother and Uraraka is washing hers on the front roof.

Bakugou and Midioryia get into a fight during training. This leads to a misunderstanding from the rest of the class.

Even in our world, if you have no parents, you rarely have anything else. You're never given a chance to properly control your Quirk; in fact, you're strictly forbidden from using it at all. Basically, feign Quirkless at all costs, even though your Quirk can go off on a whim and get you sent back on the spot. Then you're locked in a cold, dark room for an indiscernible amount of time. You are to never leave the building of your own accord.I just need some protective alphas rn.

Thank youuu. Pairings - Alpha! Todorki x Omega! Reader, Alpha! Bakugo x Omega! Kirishima x Omega! Yaoyorozu x Omega! Reader, Apha! Ashido x Omega! I had lots of fun writing it! Keep reading. Hope you all enjoy and have a good rest of your day! Pairings: Various x reader Warnings: A little suggestive towards the end but nothing smutty or anything. You: Leave me alone. Like how would they feel, how would they tell the reader if at all and the aftermath of it.

I have such a strict rule for cheaters. Never take them back. It subconsciously affirms that you will take them back even if they do it again.

Of course, everyone and every relationship are different. Girls and gays, do what is best for your heart. That is all the advice I can give.

Sidenote: Please stay safe and well, both physically and mentally. Wash your hands and fucking take Corona seriously. Originally posted by deku-smash.

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Originally posted by tocif. Originally posted by boku-no-boys.Just so you know this is pretty long words! And yet, you were patiently watching people from the corner of one of the rooms.

Momo, your best friend since childhood, had just arrived. You looked at your best friend as she explained the very details of her internship, especially the food she got to try while at the company.

mina ashido x reader

While she had been away, a strange feeling bubbled up within you when you thought of her. And now that she was back, sitting close next to you because the couch was overcrowded, your heart felt full. You were so, so scared of messing up the relationship you shared with her. So scared, that you had secretly asked Sana for advice. Ever the optimist one, Sana had reassured you by saying that a little bird had told her that Momo liked you too. You shook your head, getting out of your thoughts and worries.

Momo was looking at you with big, worried eyes. Let me take you home, ok? Your expression softened, and you decided to let yourself be dragged out of the house after saying a quick goodbye to Jeongyeon and Sana.

Sana winked at you and gave you a thumbs up as soon as Momo had her back turned, and your cheeks went red. Once you were seated in the car, Momo asked you about everything that had happened on campus while she was away. You walked to your door and let her in, and she quickly made herself at home, plopping down on the couch while you dug through the fridge for something to snack on.

Once you had everything you needed, you sat next to Momo again, but this time, it was much quieter than at the party. Keep reading. How are you? I actually changed the request a little cause I had a hard time picturing the teachers going off like that on their student: Nemuri would honestly encourage any kind of encounter, serious or not.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I kept the fem part though cause I thought about something with Momo. Originally posted by batman-comics. You bitterly watched as the girl who was supposed to be handing Bakugo his prize ended up flirting with him instead. Sending obvious winks, making her tone sweeter, and overreacting to everything he said. It was sickening and insulting for you to watch.

It was such a beautiful city. He stiffened and then looked back at you in shock, you usually spoke in monotone and only referred to him as Batal, yet here you were playfully puffing your cheeks into a pouty face.

Little did he know, there was a reason you had chosen to hide behind him. Is there a problem? She gulped and quickly tried to compose herself. We were just discussing what prize he wanted. I would never!And perhaps living with the LOV??? I just need some protective alphas rn. Thank youuu.

momo x male reader

Pairings - Alpha! Todorki x Omega! Reader, Alpha! Bakugo x Omega! Kirishima x Omega! Yaoyorozu x Omega! Reader, Apha! Ashido x Omega! I had lots of fun writing it! Keep reading. Not knowing the state of the people around you is something that clutches your heart deeply. You hear the doorbell ring to your apartment and catch a flash of…. Swinging the door open, you notice a large amount of bags in his hand, indicating that he has gone to the supermarket.

He snorts at the mention of his childhood friend. After taking off his shoes, he meets your gaze steadily as he sets down the bags.


Is it a crime for me to think about you? His voice cracks slightly, revealing his worry for you, as he sheds his outer shell just for you. Your fingers slide through his hair, tugging the strands slightly to draw a murmur of pleasure from his lips.

Much to his surprise, you end the kiss early, flicking your head to the group of bags next to the two of you.

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