Myanmar beer bottle

Myanmar Brewery Limited MBLas a producer and distributor of beer and stout, recognises its responsibility towards the care of the environment and is committed to the avoidance and reduction of waste and pollution within the brewery and, continual improvement of its Environmental Management System. MBL will continually seek to reduce the usage of resources within the Brewery and minimize discharges that may pollute the environment.

MBL produces beers in Myanmar. Andaman Gold Can was launched in March and re-launched its new brand ID in December and followed by new premium international look in May Black Shield was launched into the market on 9 th September in Draught followed by Can and Quart in 18 th November with 8. We are proud for every MBL,s employees, our partners, our consumers for making those remarkable milestones happen, and look for accomplishing even more great things in the future.

CSV commitments. Congratulations to everyone! Featured, CSR. June 21, CSR Donation. All rights reserved.Smuggling is costing the government heavily in lost revenue; poor enforcement means that for every 5, cans of beer brought into the country illegally, only one is seized. People prefer staying in control and drinking in moderation.

Inclusive family values are rising in importance and […]. Fraser and […]. Liquor retailers are no longer allowed to sell imported brands, as it is a violation of Ministry of Commerce regulations. However, the General Administration Department under the Ministry […]. This includes […]. Carlsberg has caved to complaints from the family of a famous Mandalay singer, who say the Danish brewer used the title of one of his hits as the name for Tuborg Beer in Myanmar.

The Thai fiscal year runs from October 1 to September Thai customs […]. With a newly-built factory in Hmawbi township, the conglomerate has already begun selling their brews for weeks, time enough to test the market […]. The government plans to simplify the liquor licensing system, albeit issue fewer licences, deputy minister for home affairs Brigadier General Kyaw Kyaw Tun told the upper house of the parliament.

The general administration department under the Ministry of Home Affairs has the power to issue liquor licences. Last year, they issued 41 different types of […]. We can setup your company in 1-Day without you stepping your foot in Myanmar during this difficult period. Click here to learn more. What are the benefits of setting up a holding company in Singapore to invest in Myanmar?

Our location in downtown Yangon:. To see our location on Google Map click here To contact us at Email : info at consult-myanmar dot com To download our contact vCard to your mobile or computer click here. Consult Myanmar for fruitful investment in Myanmar. ThaiBev restructures to power Asean beer push October 10, by Thiha.

Retailers hit with liquor import ban October 9, by Thiha. Tuborg turnaround for Carlsberg January 22, by Thiha. Live cattle top Myawaddy export list October 23, by Thiha. Myanmar Virtual Office.In light of the current pandemic situation in Canada and the USA, we are implementing measures to keep our employees and customers safe.

They remain able to assist with all sales inquiries and product questions. Please reach out to us at Sales ezcap. Our production and warehousing teams are also working safely by maintaining distance in all work areas and practicing recommended hygiene techniques.

We will continue to monitor and assess the situation as it unfolds.

myanmar beer bottle

We ask for your understanding as the continually evolving situation may result in delays as the various states, and our partner freight companies also work to respond to daily changes as well. Please stay safe and healthy!

Our bottles are available in 16 oz ml and 32 oz 1 litre sizes in flint clearamber and cobalt glass with swing-top caps. They can also be fitted with crown caps. Your source for retro style quality swing top bottles. Showcase your specialty products in our traditionally styled bottles! Order direct, or visit your local beer and wine supply store. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Sign-up to our newsletter?Commercial brewing of beer in Myanmar commenced in and until was dominated by a single producer, Myanmar Brewery Ltd.

Inthe British Raj converted a cannon factory in Mandalayestablished in by Crown Prince Kanaunginto a brewery. During the Japanese occupation of the country, the Takasago Beer Company ran the brewery, renaming it to the Takasago Brewery, which later was converted into a miso and soy-sauce factory when raw materials for beer production came into short supply. Inthe brewery was nationalised and renamed the State Brewery.

During the early s, the ownership and brewery's name changed numerous times; the Mandalay Brewing and Distillery, the Burma Beverage Ltd and the Industrial Development Corporation. In the company fell under the control of the Food Management Division of the Ministry of Industry and its name changed to the People's Brewery and Distillery, however by the early s it was bankrupt.

The joint venture came to an abrupt end in November when the brewery and its operations were again nationalised. The company's brewery located on a The brewery had an initial capacity ofhectolitres and produced Tiger Beer and Myanmar Beer. In Februarythe Carlsberg Group secured one of four foreign beer brewing licences.

myanmar beer bottle

On 7 Maythe brewery commenced operations, brewing CarlsbergTuborg and a Myanmar-specific brand called Yoma. In JanuaryMyanmar opened its first craft beer microbrewery, Burbrit, a contraction of Burma and Britain, in recognition of the British influence on the nation's brewing history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Commercial breweries [ edit ] Inthe British Raj converted a cannon factory in Mandalayestablished in by Crown Prince Kanaunginto a brewery.

The Irrawaddy. Retrieved 14 September New Mandala. Retrieved 11 February Beers of the world.

E.Z.Cap is the authentic North American swing top glass bottle manufacturer.

Vincent Trinidad United States breweries. Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Venezuela. Australia New Zealand.Bangkok, Thailand. Yangon, Myanmar. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Jakarta, Indonesia. This is a war among international and local beer giants and it becomes more and more interesting as Myanmar is passing through an election this year. That is recently Myanmar became a new exciting market for beer brands.

Therefore, Myanmar beer market is becoming a high competition playground among international beer moguls. At the same time, Myanmar beer market is also competing with European beer giants. There are challenges for both Carlsberg and Heineken that expanded their market in Myanmar, in order to secure their business. In Myanmar market big companies have to fight to get market shares, taking into account the individual daily average income in Myanmar which is only a few dollars, and the very low prices of local beers around 0,50 USD.

Myanmar consumers tend to buy cheaper beers due to the low individual daily income. Carlsberg and Heineken have to compete with the biggest local competitor Myanmar Beer. After Heineken has turned its back on Myanmar market after the sanction started, Myanmar Beer has been growing rapidly and has now a dominant success in the market.

Nevertheless, the Thai beer brands Chang and Singha succeeded in taking market shares from Myanmar Beer, namely because they sold their beer at half the price of the Myanmar giant. Importing liquor and spirits to Myanmar has been gradually prohibited, and this since The government announced liquor and beer distributed to the market need to pay tax stamps.

Myanmar Brewery took advantage of this and made lots of well-timed promotions to win more market shares. They strategically lowered their prices to compete with imported beers and it was quite a success. Inliquor and spirits imports were restricted more tightly, which helped Carlsberg and Heineken to get back their previous investment in a Myanmar market they can expect to get their capital back within 3 to 6 years.

Heineken said to the media that it would be worthwhile to wait for long-term profits.

myanmar beer bottle

This new brand was expecting to penetrate the market in order to win affection for Heineken, that revealed Regal Seven will compete directly with Myanmar Beer to win the majority of consumers in the market. Regal Seven will be available on draught in selected pubs in Yangon and Mandalay restaurants, in bottles and cans in restaurants, as well bars and supermarkets throughout the country.

Heineken brand was launched and distributed in sale already. The price of Heineken brand is not too high in comparison to other beer brands in the market. Carlsberg also distributed two beer brands in Myanmar since MayYoma and Tuborg. Myanmar Carlsberg company partnered with two local companies in mid-August to distribute its beer in Mandalay and Mon Ywa cities.

Myanmar Beer

According to the spokesperson from Myanmar Carlsberg, they have currently contracted with Mandalay Kudos Co. Myanmar Beer will be distributed with the same taste and with a focus to provide a better quality.

Kirin plans to do a joint venture with a local company in the Philippines to enter the market. It also launched businesses in Vietnam and Singapore.

Moreover, the media said Kirin was planning to take over the beer market in Asia which has high business potentials. Both Carlsberg and Tuborg are brewed locally alongside with Yoma, a new beer brand distributed into market since May 7th. Regal Seven and Heineken beers also operate in this brewery and are now in the Myanmar market. In —Myanmar beer production was 26 million gallons and 34 million gallons in According to the statistics, beer production in Myanmar increases each year and has doubled within 3 years.

With the new local and international breweries allowed in the market, beer production in Myanmar is expected to significantly increase. Local media affirmed Myanmar beer consumption is over 46 million liters.High season for hotels in Yangon predictably runs from December through March or April. Since the semi-official tourism boycott was lifted in after the country started with democratic reforms, things have been changing rapidly.

Our friends at Travelfish have the best Burma travel guide to go along with their other expert SE Asia content. Things for tourists are generally cheap, even with prices rising almost on a monthly basis. Food and drinks are some of the cheapest available in the region as long as you eat street food like nearly all the locals. Inevitably, more tourist-oriented restaurants will appear and prices in those are always much more than the outdoor cuisine.

The tricky part at this point is the hotel scene, as it barely existed only a few years ago. There are very few cheap hotels in Yangon, and those in the lower price ranges tend to be poor quality. As of now there are no proper hostels in Yangon, although some cheap hotels do have a few dorm beds. This is fairly common in this region and the bottom-line price is still low by international standards, but it really bothers some people anyway.

Change money at the airport for the best rates, and stock up on pristine US banknotes before you go if you can. Yangon is hot and very dry from November through April, with April becoming scorching just before the rains come in May.

The rainy season goes through October, with June through August being extremely wet and sometimes problematic. Hotel seasons High season for hotels in Yangon predictably runs from December through March or April. Featured articles 31 Asia cities by price: Backpacker Index for Best cheap destinations in the world according to 23 expert travel bloggers.

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myanmar beer bottle

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