Progesterone success stories ttc

Welcome to the growing collection of REAL two week wait pregnancy symptoms. Since you're here, you probably are wondering if the symptoms you're feeling are real or imaginary! Hopefully they are real and your BFP is just around the corner. So while you are ever so patiently waiting to test, here are all the juicy early pregnancy symptoms you can ask for! I just got my BFP in the last hour and I'm still in shock!

Thought I'd share my symptoms as I found that section of twoweekwait really interesting. I didn't have and still don't have abundant CM. Was out with friends and only had two glasses of wine and a beer - felt drunk! Back very sore and lower right stomach pain comes and goes.

Later that evening get the faintest of faint lines on FRER - it's that faint I'm convinced it's an evap as it's so hard to see 10 DPO Symptoms feel like they've disappeared - boobs feel normal, not as tired, no pain on lower right - start to give up!

BUT the back lower back pain mostly on right hasn't gone away at all. Starting to feel hot temp is Use internet cheapie and FMU - can see a line. Is very faint but I'm sure I can see pink. I was diagnosed with PCOS at about 15 as have very irregular periods and all the unwanted symptoms along with it too!

I have been ttc for nearly 3 years without any luck. I am blessed as my mum is into Tai chi and massage and has been working with me over the last year to try and get my reproductive system moving again and she managed to regulate me to a week cycle.

Once I had got to this point I decided I might need a kick start and after a lot of research decided to try FertilAid. I started taking it on January 22nd and after 2 days I came on my period! I had a routine ultrasound 2 days later and the sonographer told me my ovaries were perfectly healthy and could barely believe me when I told her that when I had a scan in November they were full of cysts! I went through the 2ww and at the end very disappointed to have a bfn as I was already feeling sickness and my boobs were so so sore!We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience.

If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Please lmk if anyone has any similar success stories! However, she said if I wanted to try it I could. Not sure what to do?? She does have me taking baby aspirin. I believe both are something you start after you get a positive test.

I do get pregnant very easily. I feel so much better compared to the 3 losses. I had two losses in a row. One at 16 weeks and then a mmc at 8 weeks.

I was put on progesterone immediately following my last positive and had a healthy baby boy in April. I took it orally my whole pregnancy until 36 weeks along with baby aspirin.

Took oral progesterone from BFP to about 14 weeks. So, I would start it after ovulation. Just be aware, as a another person mentioned, it can delay your period. That being said, I started progesterone after my positive pregnancy test and after 4 consecutive losses finally carried to term. Good luck! I had two miscarriage and took Progesterone with my 3rd pregnancy and now have my precious boy!!

I started vaginal progesterone at positive pregnancy test. Progesterone cannot hurt a pregnancy and I was willing to try anything after two losses!!

I am still waiting to find out if I will get my BFP this cycle but I am trying to decide if I want to try progesterone. For those who have taken it to prevent miscarriage, is it oral or vaginal? Did it have side effects? I took oral progesterone. The only side effect I had was that it made me dizzy and sleepy, so I would take it as my doctor recommended right before laying down to go to bed. I took it once before taking a shower and it was not the most fun getting back to my bed.

The educational health content on What To Expect is reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff. This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice.I am sure this has been asked many times before and obviously i'm nervous with my first since I'm not sure what to expect so I just wanted to see if any of you had the same or similar experiences!

I've heard SO many great things about the progesterone supplements so I was looking for some success stories after your doctor took you off of them We've seen the heartbeat twice at 6. I've heard a couple times that people spot when they stop the progesterone and i have about a week in between when I am done and my next appointment Thanks so much in advance everyone and congrats!

Yay babies!!! Now at 14 weeks we are weaning again. I halved my dosage last week to mg and progesterone was 25, so now I am going off of them and he will re-test in a week.

We had a great appt today and the HB was bpm. I took Prometrium pill form from like 3w5d until Saturday, 12w3d. I didn't wean, I just stopped taking them. I haven't had any spotting and so far everything seems to be fine. We had a great NT scan on Monday with a hb of And a bouncy baby. My sister was on the suppositories and stopped taking them towards the end of the first tri, and she is now 25 weeks and hasn't had any issues.

I was on Crinone P4 suppositories for both this pregnancy and my pregnancy with DS. I was on them from the day of my BFP through 12 weeks both times. I had zero spotting when stopping them either time.

progesterone success stories ttc

Feel free to ask me any questions if you like. I was just put on the prometrium pills. I am 6 wks pregnant. Last week my prog. To be safe, my Dr would rather I take them than chance it until the placenta takes over at about week To blake: I am not sure if there are any adverse side affects to taking them your whole pregnancy I do have a history of miscarriage, but they were all before I even made it to the 1st appt. So, I was fortunate to find out at 4 wks that I was pregnant again so I got to the dr.

RIGHT away. The progesterone may have well been what has caused the miscarriages in the past. Regardless, I want to focus on this pregnancy and a healthy baby! Little Voilet or Benson I am nervous, but hopeful because I am being watched carefully by my ob and feel confident about this baby. Say a prayer for me! I really want this to happen. Well wishes to all of you and thanks for your good stories. It gives me hope - Love, Jess.

Log in.Skip to main content. Menu Search Account. Search form Search. I am 27 and my husband is We had been trying to 10 months. I chart every month and have consistent ovulation with the temperature spike, eqqwhite cm, etc.

I tried everything to lengthen my luteal phase: vitex, maca, b6, 81mg baby aspirin, relaxation, yoga, Emerita natural progesterone cream, etc… but thing made it budge more than a day.

TTC and low progesterone. Any advice and success stories

So, at the 9-month mark I made an appointment with a western doctor and a naturopathic doctor. Ate lunch, and then went to the market for a burrito at 3pm! Achy lower back. Sleeping so well, long and undisturbed. Really vivid dreams. This was new for me. Boobs not sore yet, this is also new as they are usually sore by now so I know AF is coming. My nylons were annoying me so badly—uncomfortable and tight.

Lot of creamy cm, like seriously maybe a teaspoon at a time, so gross! No cramps at all for the past couple days. Stomach growling. Headache all morning and ended up just getting out of bed around 4am. Couple of cramps, low back ache, hungry!

I had great plans to tell my husband but instead I went squeeling downstairs and just flung my giggling self on him. Toast with butter sounded good all day. Ordered in pizza for the superbowl game and that hit the spot : 12dpo today : BFP getting darker!

Still have a killer headache but am starving again so I take it for a good sign. No temperature dip, no spotting, nothing. I hope this helps you, and thank you for sharing all your stories. It has definitely helped pass the time over this past 10 months.Sign up and join overreaders that are learning to live happier, healthier and more connected lives!

I recently interviewed a year-old woman and wanted to share her beautiful story. It is also the story of the heart-wrenching loss of a newborn, but also, a story of future hope for more children. Nikki has a 4-year-old daughter and a month-old son, and they are hoping for another in the future. In between the two she had been pregnant with a baby girl and went into preterm labor at 21 weeks. The little girl delivered very prematurely but soon thereafter developed a brain bleed.

Nikki and her husband made the difficult decision to let her go peacefully. After their tragic loss, they then had even more heartbreak with two miscarriages prior to her carrying her now month-old son. With her son, she went into preterm labor at a little over 34 weeks, and thankfully, he is blessedly healthy. Her first pregnancy had gone perfectly. Two things came out of that assessment. Well, the length and quality of the luteal phase is directly linked to fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

If the luteal phase has less than optimal progesterone levels, a woman will likely have a difficult time getting or staying pregnant. To deal with that as naturally as possible Nikki did a lot of research, and found Dr. Amy Meyer and her thyroid support books. She immediately started on thyroid support vitamins.

And it was through Dr. In the past they had always been at 6 or a 9. Nikki attributes this benefit to Mighty Maca Plus! DHEA levels improve as a result of balanced cortisol due to improved adrenal function, we believe. I knew that if you can decrease cortisol demands, that definitely results in more progesterone availability; it addresses that progesterone steal phenomena.

And yes, remember there is no magic pill to good health. You need to make better lifestyle choices all-around. She said her family had always eaten a healthy diet… BUT, that they were a family that did eat pasta, sandwiches and whole grains.

So she has cut out gluten and tried to eliminate as much processed sugar and carbs as possible so that she can prepare for a future attempt at pregnancy. Natural progesterone, on the other hand, is identical to the progesterone that is produced by the body.Keep me logged in.

Become a member - Sign up. I started trying to get pregnant in May. I finally got pregnant in December, only to have a miscarriage.

progesterone success stories ttc

They did blood work on me and Ihave low progesterone. I am now taking pills for it. Does anyone have success stories where they got pregnant after being told they have low progesterone.

progesterone success stories ttc

They finally figured out that she has low progesterone. She has gone on to have 4 beautiful boys and is currently pg with baby 7. When she was ttc she would use progesterone after she O'd until she tested and if it was a BFN she would stop so af could show up.

I had a miscarriage in at seven weeks 3 days. I was to see the doctor for my first appointment at 8 weeks. A few years later I got pregnant again and saw the doc at 6 weeks due to previous MC and was determined to have low progesterone.

I was started on pills and delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl in I am again pregnant 32 weeks and had blood work at 4 weeks, my progesterone was borderline low so they put me on progesterone vaginal suppositories for the first trimester. So far everything looks great!!! All my doctors seem to think that my first miscarriage was due to low progesterone!

Hang in there!!!! Good luck! I'm currently taking progesterone but had a healthy almost 9 pound baby last year taking progesterone twice a day. So far my level are 35 which is really high so I'm going to keep what I'm doing.

Go to vitamin shop and very natural progesterone cream and use it as soon as you get bfp and make doctor appointment to see doctor. The cream really works I used it 3 times a day and my baby stuck until I was put on the pill. Good luck don't give up.

Using Progesterone When Trying to Conceive: Facts You Need to Know

My mom had 6 mc until she had to be put on progesterone spots. Pick your day past ovulation. Select your day past ovulation to see the statistics and to get an understanding of what result you can expect. Learn more. Ask your question. Sign up and start tracking.

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Open menu. Netmums Forum:. TTC and low progesterone. Any advice and success stories. If you're trying to conceive TTC and dealing with any kind of fertility issue, from endometriosis to PCOS, post here to get support from others struggling to get pregnant. Please note, this is a board for peer-to-peer support. Netmums has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. Also read our guide to fertility problems. Log in Register.

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progesterone success stories ttc

Subject line: TTC and low progesterone. Hi Ladies, My GP thinks l have low progesterone. She offered 21 day bloods but declined as l'm sure l'm ovulating but changed my mind now, l wasn't thinking at the time.

I feel it's important to know what l'm up against. Can l still fall pregnant and carry to full term? Is there anything i can do? Would clomid help l've read that it increases progesterone levels Hi Ladies, My GP thinks l have low progesterone.

Would clomid help l've read that it increases progesterone levels. Hi Carley Been reading your posts recently and I am curious too, I have low progesterone, took clomid for 6 months then caught pregnant 2 months after finishing clomid, had a MMC last thursday following 12 week scan, it is my 2nd one to. Hi Maria, I too have followed your posts. I read through the TTC when older as l was concerned l was premenopausal as worried about my fertility. I'm due to get my positive ovulation tomorrow and feeling a little more positive.

I'm worried that l won't have enough time to get an appointment, have a blood test, get the results and start trestment in time. My GP said there was no proff that addition progesterone helps. I'm really angry with myself as l now have so many questions. Next month l may look at additional natural ways to increase progesterone. I've read that stress can cause low progesterone.

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